What Our Readers Are Saying

Here are some extracts from all the feedback we receive. Please note this is just a small collection of comments we receive across email, social media, by letter and on the phone:

Tania Tribius, “I’ve purchased your ‘How To Get The NHS To Pay For Care’ this morning – and just printed it off to read. Thank you for your fantastic website – your caring and your practical support.”

Louise Lee, “Just wanted to say what a helpful website / book you have – thank you so much.”

Anne Hutchinson, “CHC is the NHS’s ‘best kept secret’ and Care To Be Different, through their excellent website and supportive Face Book page provide the tools to help families unlock this. Having a sound knowledge of the ‘system’ certainly helped me to secure full CHC funding for my mother following a second eligible assessment in September 2019. Recently, after a 2 1/2 year battle, her first completely flawed ineligible assessment was overturned at IRP. ”

Lorraine Fine, “Website is a wonderful source of information and has helped us so much.”

Diana, “Thank you Care To Be Different for this website and all the invaluable information it contains.”

Kim Henson, “The information that they provide is factual, helpful and easy to understand. It also clearly helps people understand the National Framework and the case law that applies in deciding whether someone is eligible for CHC funding or not. I thoroughly recommend reading through the main page and working through the links one at a time; all helpful. It can seem rather daunting to start with as there is so much information to take in. However if you read a few small sections, rather than trying to take in the whole lot, it may help. I also feel that their excellent ‘book’ is well worth buying and working through, one step at a time. Good luck and hope this helps. I should add that I am not linked to ‘Care to Be Different’ in any way; I came across them by chance a few years ago and their approach seemed refreshingly straightforward to me. It definitely helped me with a knowledge of the system and how it works (or doesn’t work, or may be incorrectly applied, etc!).”

Susan Kaye, “I am writing to thank you for your work on this website. The information has been invaluable and it is well worth paying for the booklet you have produced. It has taken 2 years after my mother’s death for the CCG to decide that their original decision was wrong and that my mother should have received full funding.”

Jenny, “I eventually secured CHC for [my] relative during their lifetime and recovered unassessed periods of care plus expenses retrospectively… I secured CHC and a Review alone, but it’s essential to be very well prepared and informed. The book and this site were invaluable. I had help with the retrospective case from a specialist who was recommended on this site years ago. She helped me with process, specialist areas of law and drafting, and she was an immense source of informed support. I have a background in law and a tenacious nature. It’s difficult to imagine how anyone can get through the whole process this alone.”

MW, “This site is excellent for the information on absolutely every aspect of the process, with genuine folk who like me feel that their loved one has been wrongly denied funding.”

Ayse Kucukkoylu recommends Care To Be Different, “gives great advice very helpful”.

Julia C, “Yesterday I received notification that my CHC application for my relative has been successful. I bought and studied your excellent book before the MDT. Without this, I am sure the outcome would have been different. It was invaluable, many thanks.”

Ruth Hadikin recommends Care To Be Different, “Concise, clear information when you need it the most.”

Susan E Evans recommends Care To Be Different, “Bless this group in their work.”

Christine Taylor, “Offers support and a chance for people to share experiences, advice or generally let off steam when needed”

Sue Mitchell, “Helpful advice about the care system, CHC, social care etc., Highlighting how common it is to be treated so badly by the system. Some of the stories are heartbreaking and very close to home.”

Sharon Cookson, “A wealth of knowledge for people who are all going through the same journey”

Michelle Wetherall, “Yet another excellent article from CTBD. Thank you! Without this website I would have struggled for information and support during the appeal process for my late father.”

Denise Worthington recommends Care To Be Different, “Yes you give great advice”

Jenny, “Excellent and clear article, thank you.”

Diane Andrews, “Care to be Different have provided a wonderful platform from which to highlight the problems that people are facing.”

Brian H, “A tremendously well written account of the process that a person needs to engage in to grapple-wrestle with both-either simultaneously or separately the LA & the NHS.”

Barbara Schaefer recommends Care To Be Different, “A great source of information”.

Jayne Blowey, “just going through the process for CHC for my mother in law, its been a No twice, came to this site which has given me hope, inspiration and ideas how to do and say things. We are going all the way. We cannot let this happen to our elderly, we must fight for their NHS.”

Paul Speight recommends Care To Be Different, “Essential support for anyone entering the Kafkaesque world of Continuing HealthCare applications or appeals”

Suzanne Morrison recommends Care To Be Different, “Its a fantastic source of support and information”.

Yvonne Clark, “I was informed about the ‘system’ and how it works by just coming across this website by chance. Never knew there was financial support for care. Thought one had to use their savings or sell their home to finance care. Definitely a minefield, but be prepared to fight for what we are legally entitled to. Also in some cases can go on for months, even years but the support is all here in this website, was invaluable!”

Kim Henson, “Care to be Different should be advertised as widely as possible – I feel – for their informal, accurate, helpful and encouraging advice. Their resources are invaluable to anyone in need of proper advice regarding NHS Continuing healthcare funding and the myriad of legalities and obligations. Their reference guide is excellent (as are their many website posts on the various relevant subjects).”

Camille Leavold, “Very informative. Investigating all aspects of care can be overwhelming and articles like this really do provide valuable clarity, enabling individuals, and anyone requiring care, to consider what situation is best for them.”

Adrienne Hasler, “Following a very careful read of all the excellent information provided by this website…”

SAL, “I would not have had the strength or confidence to continue my fight on behalf of my late Mum without this web site, the information I have gained here is invaluable. Thank you so much CTBD.”

Lisa Kenneally recommends Care To Be Different, “The shared experience and advice is invaluable. So many of us in the same boat but able to learn from each other and feel stronger for the support.”

Tony Brown recommends Care To Be Different, “Very helpful information on a range of issues and easy to navigate through the complexities of continuing funding”.

Anne Tucker, “Straightforward advice to help see through the complex maze of CHC. Friendly advisors and initial 1:1 support is free. This support was enough to ensure I knew what to do so we didn’t need to go to the next stage of paying.”

Sharon Cookson, “A wealth of knowledge for people who are all going through the same journey”

Chris Matthewman recommends Care To Be Different, “Invaluable information about the right to be cared for upon leaving hospital”.

Claire Ingham, “Invaluable information and full of supportive people in similar situations giving much needed advice.”

Tracey Bunce, “This page was a lifesaver for us”

Marisa Tirone recommends Care To Be Different, “Great site, make you feel part of a family – no one is alone as we have all been through some very testing times”.

Julie Cragon‎, “Thank you for the expert advice on your website and in particular your publication “How to get the NHS to pay for care”. CHC is a difficult process to navigate and a well guarded secret but with your resources and many hours of study it can be achieved. Nervous for the 3 month review but taking one day at a time, it’s a marathon not a sprint that’s for sure ???”

Jenny, “Another helpful and practical article. Thank you.”

Susan McCarthy Morris, “I was lost, confused, in shock. When my mum’s mind just seemed to snap one day and her Dementia went from trouble with her memory ,to something I was not expecting or prepared for. Then on top people I did not know started talking about money funding etc… I was lost in a sea of abbreviation, medical words and jargon. I came across Care To Be Different and the more I read, the more I understood what was going on. I felt relief and things became much clearer. The battle I had to fight with people I thought where supposed to be on the side of my mum and Care To Be Different has given me the confidence to do that. Knowledge is power has never been so apt.”

Pat Harden recommends Care To Be Different, “Very good advice and the best place to look for any info on CHC”.

Pauline Armsby recommends Care To Be Different, “Great website, full of important information”.

Jocelyn Dale, “I was just called back by such a helpful gentleman today. He took lots of time with me to understand the situation and gave me free, really honest and frank advice. Rather than charge me for the nurses assessment, which he could easily have done, he said his hunch was that we wouldn’t qualify. He gave me advice for how to handle the situation going forward and said I could come back at any time if things get worse. I was really touched and impressed with his honesty and kindness. I have spoken to another company some time ago who were very eager for me to pay a large flat fee there and then. This was a much more measured and frank conversation. I’ll definitely be going back to them if things get any worse, which undoubtedly they will. The CHC application process is horrendous and stressful, I really feel this is the way to take the stress away and have an honest advocate that knows what they are talking about help you every step of the way for a service that I thought was very well priced.”

Jo May, “amazing, supportive source of information”

Lynette Timoth, “Such a useful source of information and support, thank you. It makes such a difference to be able to discuss and share thoughts and experiences as we each travel on our journey through the care system.”

John Wilson, “The only information that is readily available from people who have been or going through this unfortunate turmoil.”

Camille Leavold, “This is such a helpful article with excellent support information that I know so many people will find of great benefit.”

Michelle Wetherall,”Good Luck to everyone and keep up the good work Care to be Different!”

Chantal Rafferty recommends Care To Be Different, “A fantastic resource for CHC funding”.

Janet Whitehead, “Been an absolute life line. Super informative and great support from everyone involved xxx”

Rebecca Freear, “A forum where people struggling to claim their or their relatives’ legal entitlement to health care are supported and advised.”

Isobel Wright, “This site is worth its weight in gold. I have learnt so much about the legislation of CHC since joining. Without this information I would not have had such a strong case. Also the ebook, how to get NHS to pay for care, is well worth the money. Thank you Care to be different.”

Michelle, “I will share my story with CTBD once I have concluded this final part of this 3 year battle I have had with my CHC/CCG.
Had it not been for this website and the excellent articles and the experience of other readers I would not have been as well informed and battle ready for the war I have had with my CHC/CCG for the last 3 years. My dear dad died last year, so this victory is bittersweet as the family grieves for a much loved husband, father and grandfather. In time I want to help others who are just starting out on this horrendous journey, but just need time to readjust to a normal life that does not include spending every waking hour thinking about the national framework for NHS CHC and the next Appeal!”

Paul Wood recommends Care To Be Different, “Information to take you from start to finish…”

Louise, “I bought this online yesterday and thanks to its excellent advice have just won my husband’s appeal.”

Debra glynn, “I’ve bought and downloaded your guide this morning, it’s a great help.”

Michelle, ”This is an excellent piece, which I have found useful as I prepare to attend my late father’s IRP.”

Paul Hallam Wood “Wonderful information all in one place, best help ever for anyone.”

J. Cree, “My relative had the MDT meeting yesterday. I am her POA and representative. Due to her advanced dementia, she did not attend. I did. I had ordered the Care to be Different book, and spent two weeks studying it so I was word perfect. As advised, I collated every bit of evidence relevant to the claim. The book is worth its weight in gold. Easy to read and full of clearly written information. It added enormously to my confidence in the MDT meeting. I could argue my case, backed by the information I gained from the book…I thoroughly recommend the Care to be Different book, as you need all the information you can get, and you will certainly find it therein.”

Rebecca Freear recommends Care To Be Different, “A forum where people struggling to claim their or their relatives’ legal entitlement to health care are supported and advised.”

Kathy Sawdon, “Love your website.”

Paul, “We are so glad we purchased the ebook…”

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